RePL - Remote Pilot Licence Course

Obtain your RePL and become a certified remote pilot - real world flying experience, advanced course content, online options

5 day course or 2 days with online theory
$2,700.00 $1,995.00

Our Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) Course

Our Remote Pilot Course has been designed in line with the upcoming RePL manual of standards being drafted by CASA to govern RPA/UAV knowledge and flight standards across Australia. Our course is broken down into theoretical and practical flight components, with options for either in person or online theory delivery. As part of our RePL course we provide:

5.0 Hours Flight Time

Begin on our DJI Phantom 3 and progress to our Inspire 1 RPA whilst building your required 5 hours flight time on course. We’ve deliberately designed RePL flight exercises that maximise your exposure to the full capabilities of RPA and ensure you meet the CASA designated flight standards. We also practice utilising the onboard camera systems and capabilities of both systems to prepare you for aerial photography, survey and inspection operations.

In Person or Online Tuition

Our aviation qualified instructors provide quality in person and online tuition through our online training portal, allowing you to complete your course at your own pace. Our theory has been developed with leading aviation theory developer the Aviation Theory Centre. Our course includes lessons on: RPA Law, RPA Systems, Meteorology, Navigation, Human Factors, Operational Planning and Aeronautical Radio.

AROC & ELP Included

Our aviation instructors are endorsed to provide Aeronautical Radio Operator’s Certificate Training, without this your RePL may be limited to line of sight remaining clear of controlled airspace. As part of our course we also cover the cost of the CASA fees for the AROC and ELP (a saving of $150) which is not included by most other training providers.

Remote Aviation Australia offers options to complete your initial RPAS training (theoretical and operational), flying either multirotor or aeroplane (fixed-wing) RPA. Once you have completed your course and passed your theoretical and operational exams we will send your paperwork (Form 101-05) to CASA for processing. Roughly 2-4 weeks later you will receive your RePL in the mail with your type and category of RPA listed.

Once you have your RePL in hand you can apply for third party liability insurance if you are intending to operate an RPA falling under the excluded category. As a qualified remote pilot you may also work under an ReOC or apply to CASA as Chief Remote Pilot for your own ReOC.

Please contact us if you would like to complete operational training to add another category of RPA to your RePL.

Full Time RePL Course
5 Days Duration

5.0 Hours Flying

Student Pack

In person tuition

AROC & ELP Included

Course Dates

Upcoming RePL 2018 courses (weekend course, online theory):

  • Hobart, Tasmania: 20th & 21st January
  • Brisbane, Queensland: 27th & 28th January (fully booked)
  • Brisbane, Queensland: 10th & 11th February
  • Devonport, Tasmania: 24th & 25th February
  • Brisbane, Queensland: 17th & 18th March

Recently completed courses:

  • Tasmania: 8th to 12th May
  • Brisbane: 15th to 19th May
  • Brisbane: 19th to 23rd June
  • Western Downs (Dalby): 10th to 14th July
  • Brisbane: 17th to 21st July
  • Cairns: September 16th to 24th
  • Brisbane: September 30th & October 1st (weekend course, online theory)
  • Hobart: October (full-time and weekend courses)
  • Brisbane: November 11th & 12th

Note: We also offer group discounts if there are four or more participants. Contact us for a negotiated rate.

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We are a CASA-approved UAV and RPAS training organisation (CASA.ReOC.1006). We are committed to seeing individuals and businesses achieve their goals in the remote aviation industry. Our expert instructors deliver high quality, flexible and affordable Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Remote Aviation is the training division of Insky UAS Pty Ltd.


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