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Remote Aviation's ReOC assistance package is designed to assist you with developing your Operations Manual & Library and prepare you for the CASA Chief Remote Pilot assessment.


Our ReOC Assistance Package

Our ReOC assistance package is designed to assist you with your preparation for your CASA assessment. As part of the ReOC process you are required to create your own operations manual and operations library and then pass a theoretical and practical scenario based assessment by CASA. This package is in addition to your RePL training, and will provide you with:


Professional Manuals

We work with you to create a customised Operations Manual and Operations Library to suit your business.

Ongoing Consulting

We will assist you throughout the application process and guide you through responding to correspondence from CASA.

Practice Assessment

We will provide you with opportunities to revise the theory and operational planning you can expect to cover with CASA.

Once you complete your RePL training, we will work with you to develop your core operations manual and library. These key manuals will then need to be submitted to CASA who will assess and return to you with an estimated cost to process your RePL. Generally our students are quoted between $1800 to $2500 by CASA for their assessment. CASA will then provide you with any suggestions and an estimated assessment date.

Your assessment with CASA (or a CASA delegate) usually involves two parts:

  1. A flight planning scenario, requiring you to complete a job safety assessment and identify any operational risks.
  2. A Chief Remote Pilot interview, discussing RPAS legislation, your company procedures, and other operational considerations.

Upon certification, ReOCs are valid for an initial 12 months, requiring the operator to renew after one year of operating. Upon renewal, ReOCs are then valid for three years.

Once your manuals are ready for submission, you may apply for and obtain an initial issue ReOC from an industry delegate rather than being assessed directly by CASA. Industry delegates are currently authorised by CASA to issue ReOCs for non-complex aerial work operations only (i.e. multirotor <25kg, visual line of sight operator’s certificates).

Using a delegate rather than CASA will provide an identical ReOC outcome (the certificate will still be issued by CASA). Delegates are used across the aviation industry to assist with CASA’s management of workload. The advantage of using a delegate is your ReOC can usually be processed within 2-3 weeks, rather than up to 4-6 months through CASA directly.

Remote Aviation Australia have begun working with industry delegates, such as Kelvin Hutchinson and Flight Data Systems. We will stay in contact with you and your delegate during your ReOC application process, and work together to help you become certified.

If you’d like more information about industry delegates, visit

Please note, the CASA (or delegate) fee to process and approve your ReOC application is in addition to our assistance package (between $1650 to $2000, depending on the complexity of your application).

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We are a CASA-approved UAV and RPAS training organisation (CASA.ReOC.1006). We are committed to seeing individuals and businesses achieve their goals in the remote aviation industry. Our expert instructors deliver high quality, flexible and affordable Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Remote Aviation is the training division of Insky UAS Pty Ltd.

The AVI30316 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight) is delivered under a third party agreement by Remote Aviation Australia on behalf of Aviation Australia (CRICOS No.02425C, RTO No.30770).


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