DJI Inspire flying under an ReOC

Remote Aviation Australia's ReOC courses are designed to assist you with developing your Operations Manual & Library and prepare you for the mandatory CASA Operator Assessment.

October 27, 2017
1 Day

Tasmania ReOC Course/Assistance

Our ReOC Course is designed to assist you with your preparation for your CASA assessment. As part of the ReOC process you are required to create your own operations manual and operations library and then pass a theoretical and practical scenario based assessment by CASA. On our course we will provide you with:

Professional Manuals

We work with you to create a customised Operations Manual and Operations Library to suit your business.

Ongoing Consulting

We will assist you throughout the application process and guide you through responding to correspondence from CASA

Practice Assessment

We will provide you with opportunities to continue to refine your flying prior to your assessment and conduct a practice group assessment on the theory you can expect to cover with CASA.

Once you hold an RePL or have someone who holds an RePL who can act as the chief remote pilot for your operations, we will work with you to develop your core operations manual and operations library. These key manuals will then need to be submitted to CASA who will assess and return to you with an estimated cost to process your RePL. Generally our students are quoted between $1800 to $2500 by CASA for their assessment. CASA will then provide you with any suggestions and an estimated assessment date, we will work with you to provide opportunities before this date to refine your flying and conduct a mock group assessment to best prepare you for your final CASA assessment. Once approved CASA will give you an estimated time for when your ReOC will be activated.

Course Dates

Our ReOC Course is partly conducted via email and online as we work through producing your manuals and then in person on any of our practical dates that fall in with our courses.

Upcoming ReOC practical flight course dates:

  • Cairns 23rd September 2017
  • Tasmania: 27th October 2017
  • Brisbane: 8th December 2017 (northern suburbs)
  • Darling Downs: 20th January 2017
  • Rockhampton: 16th February 2017

If you have any queries re: the requirements and process of obtaining an ReOC please contact us

We also offer group discounts if there are four or more participants. Contact us for a negotiated rate.

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We are a CASA-approved UAV and RPAS training organisation (CASA.ReOC.1006). We are committed to seeing individuals and businesses achieve their goals in the remote aviation industry. Our expert instructors deliver high quality, flexible and affordable Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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