Remote Aviation Australia teams up with Aviation Theory Centre

Remote Aviation Australia teams up with Aviation Theory Centre

Remote Avation Australia theory team

The RAA/ATC team: Andrew Learmonth, David Robson and Ryan McMahon

Big news for Remote Aviation Australia – we have signed an exclusive agreement with leading aviation textbook provider Aviation Theory Centre. This agreement takes us one step closer to our goal of being Australia’s best RPAS training school.

Led by aviation expert David Robson, the Aviation Theory Centre has sold thousands of textbooks to civilian and military pilots across Australia. The first ever aviation textbook I owned was published by the Aviation Theory Centre, and many of their books still have a place on my bookshelf.

We will be including their professional content in our training material, which will complement our own subject matter and help our students better understand aeronautical theory. Our partnership will also involve us assisting the Aviation Theory Centre write a number of upcoming RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems) textbooks and guides. The first will be released soon – we will announce the details on our website and Facebook page once it has been published.

David Robson had this to say about the agreement:

“ATC believes that remotely piloted aircraft can be a wonderful asset to our society if the operators are responsible and the pilots trained appropriately. There is much confusion in the media and general public about the legal and neighbour-friendly operation of ‘drones’. This expert team will offer a training and awareness program that will address those issues.”

If you’re interested learning about drones, more information about our courses can be found on our website.