RePL training for existing aviation professionals

If you hold previous aviation qualifications/experience, you do not have to complete the full, five-day RPAS training course to obtain your remote pilot licence. An alternative RePL training path is available and comprises of three steps.

The first step is to obtain a pass in an aeronautical knowledge examination from a manned aviation training school or CASA. If you hold, or have held any of the following then it is taken that you satisfy this requirement:

  • A flight crew licence (Recreational Pilot Licence upwards); or
  • A military qualification equivalent to a flight crew licence; or
  • An air traffic control licence, or a military qualification equivalent to an air traffic control licence

Under the current CASR Part 101 and Part 61 regulations, the minimum exam that satisfies the requirement for a pass in “an aeronautical knowledge examination” is a Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) exam. This differs from a previous requirement that applicants needed a pass in a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) exam. A PPL exam pass is no longer required – the bare minimum is an RPL exam pass (and not to be confused with an RePL!).

The second step is to complete one of the following:

  • Operational training course (previously called Type training) with a CASA approved training organisation (such as Remote Aviation Australia); or
  • A CASA flight test (this is conducted as part of the assessment of an ReOC application); or
  • A training course conducted by the RPA’s manufacturer or an agent of the manufacturer (known as manufacturer training). However, this option is only available until 1 June 2017; or
  • Internal training with a CASA approved ReOC operator. An organisation that holds an ReOC can provide training to direct employees only on the RPA type that they are certified to operate.

By far, the best and easiest training option is to complete an operational training course with a CASA approved training organisation.

The third step is to complete 5 hours of flight time in operating an RPA under standard operating conditions. You will be required to submit your flight log with your application. When you are ready to submit your RePL application you need to complete CASA Form 101-01 and submit it to the CASA Licensing and Registration division ( together with all supporting documentation.

What does Remote Aviation Australia offer?

We are approved to conduct operational training, and therefore can assist any existing pilots or air traffic controllers. Using our RPA, we will provide the five hours flight time necessary for your RePL application. Although theoretical training is not required by the regulations, to help you learn more about the industry we will give you three months access to our online training. This will allow you to review topics that may be unfamiliar to you, such as RPAS air law and systems.

You are not required to pass an exam with us as you have already satisfied the theoretical requirements due to a previous pass in an aviation exam.

Operational flying can be conducted on any day listed for operational training on our calendar. This includes joining our full RPAS course on days three and four. If there are no suitable dates, please contact us and we can work out an alternative solution.

If you have significant experience operating remote aircraft please contact us. We will work with you to develop an operational training course that acknowledges this prior experience, which will save you time and money.

We also offer group discounts if there are four or more participants. Contact us for a negotiated rate.

Please note: The operational training we provide to existing aviation professionals is structured differently to our full RPAS course, and is therefore significantly cheaper. As a result, it does not include the training pack students receive on the full RPAS course. In addition, CASA requires you to submit the necessary licence paperwork, which currently costs $160 to process. This cost is not included in our operational training course fee.

Pilot/ATC Conversion

3 months online theory access 
5 hours on our RPA
Certified flight assessment 
Flexible dates